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Patient Testimonials

Smartlipo™ is improving the looks and lives of patients throughout Southern California who have chosen Marina Plastic Surgery Associates. Here are some testimonials from just a few of our satisfied patients. To start your own body slimming story, request a FREE Smartlipo consultation with Dr. Stevens.

quote startMy Smartlipo procedure with Dr. Grant Stevens has improved my self esteem and boosted my confidence! I am thrilled with my results. For the past few years I was thinking about having surgery, but I was concerned about the recovery period, since I work full time. However, my recovery period was just a couple days, and best of all….the surgery wasn’t painful at all! In fact, my bruises were gone after the second week and I felt comfortable immediately after the procedure. I am so thankful to Dr. Grant Stevens for making my tummy flat and feminine! quote end

Your grateful patient,

Viviana Paxman

quote startWhen I heard that there was a new laser lipo that was able to target small areas of fat while simultaneously tightening the skin, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out! Although some people might see me and think that I have no need for lipo, I felt differently. I work out daily and eat well, however, I still had a little pooch of fat in the lower part of my tummy that bothered me. In fact, anyone who knows me well also knows that I never wore jeans, because I disliked my appearance in pants.

Dr. Stevens examined me and said I was a perfect candidate for Smartlipo. Soon I was scheduled and I was not worried or anxious because I knew that they would only need to use local anesthetic on me and I would be feeling well enough to go into work the next day. The procedure itself was not painful. I was out of the OR within 45 minutes. I was back to work the very next day with very little bruising. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who needs to get rid of that stubborn area of fat.

Just a few short weeks later, I was fitting into jeans I had not worn since attending high school! My friends were all amazed to see me actually wearing jeans, and I did not mind anymore since they were no longer restricting my waistline. I am no longer self conscious about that little pooch, because it is non-existent! Thank you Dr. Stevens!quote end


quote startI was very interested in Smartlipo because of my age and my history. I am 57 years old and my skin does not have the same elasticity that it did in my younger years. I was afraid that with just traditional liposuction, I could be left with loose skin. Smartlipo has the added bonus of tightening, and when used with power assisted liposuction, I was able to lose more inches and keep a tighter look. With Smartlipo, I was able to have some “spot” reductions and get back into my favorite clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in a long time. As a registered nurse I can honestly say Smartlipo is ideal for small areas that cause us big worries about our appearance…I am happy to say my “areas” are now gone!quote end


Catherine Genender, RN

quote startWhile I’m very happy with my body shape, there were a few small areas that, regardless of diet and exercise, I felt needed improvement. For example, the area just below my buttocks had a little roll of excess fat. I had been told it was not a good area for traditional liposuction because when the fat was gone, the skin could get loose and possibly look worse. So, when I heard about Smartlipo, it seemed like the perfect solution.

As Dr. Stevens explained, SmartLipo of this area would help smooth and tighten the skin….and that’s exactly what it did! For me, the procedure was painless and the recovery was easy, with only a little soreness and mild bruising. I would recommend this procedure to any of my friends (or patients) ….and I have already! quote end

Cory Felber, PA-C

quote startWow! It really works. Smartlipo removed the excess fat around my waistline that gave me the “muffin-top” look. I am thrilled to have a smooth waistline for the first time in years!! It’s great to be able to zip up my jeans and feel free of any bulges. Thank you Dr. Stevens.quote end

Irma Paliani

If you’re inspired by these stories, it’s time to see the results for yourself. Request a FREE Smartlipo consultation (available exclusively online) or call us at 877.298.9915 in Marina Del Rey.

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