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What to Expect

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So you’ve done the research and seen the advantages of Smartlipo™ for yourself. Now what? Your next step is to request a FREE Smartlipo consultation at our Marina del Rey office, where our surgeons can give you a personal evaluation and share details about the procedure. Our liposuction patients often want to learn a little about what to expect on their way to a better body contour. Here’s some information to help you plan for what’s next.

Your First Visit

Many women and men want to learn more about what to expect when they come in for their consultation. After all, it can be a little scary taking that first step, especially when a doctor will be examining you and taking your medical history. At Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, our Los Angeles liposuction surgeons and highly trained staff do everything they can to put your mind at rest and present you with cosmetic options that you’ll have plenty of time to consider. Our surgeons will never pressure you to sign up for surgery, and they will take the time to answer your most pressing questions in a comfortable, confidential atmosphere.

Your Smartlipo consultation will involve Dr. Stevens evaluating the body areas you would like to improve, reviewing your medical history, and talking with you a little bit about the procedure and what to expect. You can schedule your procedure during your visit or think it over and get back in touch with us when you’re ready. You can also learn about financing options.

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The Day of Your Laser Liposuction in Los Angeles

You’ll receive detailed instructions about preparing for your procedure, and your surgeon will make sure that everything’s in place and check in with you before the procedure. Treatment time will vary depending on the number of areas you are looking to improve, but you should be able to return home just a short time after your procedure to begin the recovery process.


One of the things people like most about Smartlipo is its fast recovery when compared to traditional liposuction methods. The laser technology means less bleeding and bruising. In addition, Smartlipo doesn’t add to recovery time for those patients who combine it with power assisted liposuction. During the recovery period, many of our fly-in patients choose to stay at Serenity aftercare facility where 24 hour nursing care and all the amenities of a luxury hotel ensure that you are safe and comfortable.

Ready to get started? Just request a FREE Smartlipo consultation or call us at 877.298.9915 in Marina Del Rey to set up an office visit with Dr. Stevens.

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